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At Pathway Moving Services we have a dedicated staff of local and US based professionals that have a combined 30 years of experience in the moving industry. We employ proven North American best practices by partnering with training services.  We are the only IOMI Certified® moving and removals company based in Yangon, Myanmar.

Brian Ackerman

Brian Ackerman is a U.S. degreed engineer specializing in quality assurance, business operations and automation. As Pathway Moving’s Managing Director Brian is responsible for providing leadership to establish long-term goals, strategies, plans and policies. Brian directs and evaluates the organization's fiscal function and performance. Brian first visited Myanmar in October 2012.

Brian Ackerman

Managing Director
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Jackie Woestman is a U.S. degreed engineer with logistics management experience. As Pathway Moving’s Director Jackie is responsible for sales and marketing initiatives and ensuring people perform in the best interest of the organization. Jackie moved from Washington, DC to Myanmar in April 2014.

Jackie Woestman

Min Thu Aung

Min Thu Aung is a Myanmar degreed medical doctor with international importing and foreign banking experience. As Pathway Moving’s local partner, Min Thu is responsible for critical thinking and the overall coordination of team and fleet. Min Thu is fluent in English and Myanmar and has traveled extensively overseas.

Min Thu Aung


Charles Ware, President of The Warehouse Academy brings his 30 years of experience in areas of moving, packing, warehousing, customer service, training, quality assurance and management. His passion lies in giving employees the tools, knowledge and vision to be “The Master Mover”.

Charles Ware

Industry Advisor

Pathway Moving Services is predicated on over 28 years of westernized moving industry best practices. Starting in 1987 our principal advisor, Charles Ware, spent his life moving offices and homes in the Washington, DC, USA metropolitan area. His daily contributions were an integral part of the training and development of a company which grew to become the largest independent moving company in the United States. Throughout the last three decades Charles has met that growing city’s moving needs with consistency, quality and professionalism. Charles leads by example and ensures those same best practices are brought to your Yangon office or home.


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